Summer Placements

Placements for the Summer 2022 cohort include, but are not limited to, the following:

If you have an interest other than the placements listed, please include it in the Student Application and/or the Personal Statement. The Government Fellowship Program may add more placements but cannot guarantee that an applicant’s specific interest (not listed above) will have an available placement. A full list of the agencies and departments in the County of Santa Clara is available here.

Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) - Vector Control District (VCD)

  • Collect data on areas with a high number of complaints regarding yellow jacket and wasps by setting up monitoring traps, analyze the results, employ proactive sustainable population control measures, and measure and report on the effects
  • Measure the amount of Bti, a natural bacterial-based pesticide, in water to determine when re-treatment becomes necessary in order to minimize costs and environmental impact
  • Other topics that support the mission of the Vector Control District and the County
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For more information about the Vector Control District, visit their webpage.

Office of the County Executive (CEO) - Office of LGBTQ Affairs

  • Conduct a literature review and analysis on current Transgender Economic Empowerment programs; research existing successful programs that support Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive (TGNB) employment through community outreach; and deliver recommendations in a final report and presentation to County stakeholders
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the County’s Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression (SOGIE) training, including evaluating participant feedback data and researching local LGBTQ+ service providers and community-based organization SOGIE training offerings, and make recommendations in a final report and presentation to County stakeholders
  • Perform community-based participatory research on the intersectionality of workplace discrimination on TGNB identities and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), including reviewing literature on implicit bias and workplace discrimination, survey community members of lived experience and subject matter expertise, and make recommendations on policies and programs in a final report and presentation to County stakeholders
  • Other topics that support the mission of the Office of LGBTQ Affairs and the County
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For more information about the Office of LGBTQ Affairs, visit their webpage​

Office of the County Executive (CEO) - Privacy Office

  • Evaluate emerging technologies, such as data masking, anonymization, differential privacy, browser extensions, and other Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET); past examples include Facial Recognition and system monitoring technologies
  • Research consumer, social media, and online privacy best practices, synthesize these practices into a document or webpage, and publish them via appropriate channels
  • Update Privacy Office internal and external web sites to add dynamic content, updating existing content, and improving the usability and overall look and feel of the website and navigation, provide recommendations for improvement, and make updates under the supervision of Privacy Office staff
  • Other topics that support the mission of the Privacy Office and the County

For more information about the Privacy Office, visit their webpage.


Office of the District Attorney (DAO) - Victim Services Unit (VSU)

  • Complete a research-based project on the design and development of the Trauma Recovery Center with a focus on service provision for marginalized and underserved communities, including the following aspects:
    • Research best practices in literature and from other service providers
    • Perform outreach to other Trauma Recovery Centers across the country and to relevant non-governmental organizations that serve these populations
    • Make recommendations to VSU leadership
  • Other topics that support the mission of DAO and the County
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For more information about DAO, visit their webpage

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) - Business Development and Managed Care Contracting

  • Support COVID-19 logistic needs by analyzing PPE utilization trends, identifying potential future issues, and reporting inventory amounts to leadership
  • Identify COVID-19 racial disparity outcomes by examining patient health outcomes based on race, determining the best metrics to address medical inequality, and report variations in care to leadership
  • Reduce outside healthcare costs including conducting a needs/feasibility analysis on areas to expand service lines, reviewing referral patterns to outside specialists and find areas for potential reduction, and determining which referrals are avoidable or nonavoidable
  • Improve the transfer center integration for SCVMC, O’Connor Hospital (OCH), and Saint Louise Regional Hospital (SLRH) by examining existing reporting and making recommendations on benchmarking and progress tracking, working with care management to improve the number of transfers, and analyzing the current workflow for intersystem transfers and make recommendations on policies and procedures to improve communication between the hospitals
  • Other topics that support the mission of SCVMC and the County
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For more information about SCVMC, visit their webpage​

Technology Services and Solutions (TSS)

  • Conduct research and analysis on the following topics:
    • Project Resources: forecast demand and utilization, determine best practices at enterprise level
    • Organizational Change Management (OCM): implement, refine, and improve enterprise-level project resource management
    • Executive Reporting: create resource management dashboards and reports targeted towards executives
  • Engage Resource Managers to facilitate the adoption of an enterprise resource management plan and to solicit feedback on the implementation and refinement of the practical applications of the plan
  • Other topics that support the mission of TSS and the County

For more information about TSS, visit their webpage​.


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