Rebecca Carmick Headshot

Rebecca Carmick

Placement: Office of the County Executive - Office of LGBTQ Affairs (OLGBTQA)

Educational Institution: San Jose State University

During my Government Fellowship with Santa Clara County, I had the opportunity to spend ten weeks with the Office of LGBTQ Affairs (OLGBTQA) conducting a research project on LGBTQ+ inclusivity in Santa Clara County’s outdoor spaces (public parks, hiking/walking trails, campgrounds, and community gardens). Most of my time as a fellow centered around creating this research project, beginning with a review of the previous studies released by the OLGBTQA, and eventually collecting data from community members that would be available to inform future policy and programs. By the conclusion of my fellowship, I had created a final project report that I am excited to add to my portfolio for future work endeavors.

Beyond my research, I participated in conducting community outreach with the OLGBTQA at local pride events throughout the summer. By speaking with local community members about the breadth of resources available to our community members, I was provided invaluable experience learning about communication and community outreach. My assignment to the OLGBTQA has been an exceptional professional experience that I am truly grateful to have been selected for. This experience has inspired me to work for Santa Clara County in the future because I have gotten to see firsthand all the amazing work that is being done by people who truly care about their community. I have enjoyed seeing how research can be turned into programs and policy that supports our County.

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