Neha Mann Headshot

Neha Mann

Placement: Office of the County Executive - Office of LGBTQ Affairs

Educational Institution: Santa Clara University

Through the Government Fellowship Program, I learned more about the Office of LGBTQ Affairs’ efforts in programming, initiatives, and research to expand inclusivity of LGBTQ+ populations in the County. Over the summer, I engaged in outreach events, trainings, and conversations with staff at the office on available resources, and I identified areas that needed more attention in research. From these efforts, I conducted a research project over the summer to identify the impacts of bisexual erasure on the health and well-being of bisexual adults living, working, and studying in Santa Clara County. I completed a literature review and interviewed twelve bisexual individuals for my research project.

Ultimately, I presented the findings and recommendations from my research through a report, Health and Wellness: Identifying Bisexual Erasure in Santa Clara County, and a presentation. I found that it was necessary for more bisexual-specific resources, programs, policies, and research to be implemented based on the perceived health impacts of the current absence of such resources in the County. There is also a pressing need for educational materials and trainings on bisexual identities and issues for the public, as well as healthcare providers, to reduce circumstances of erasure in Santa Clara County.

Overall, working in the Government Fellowship Program for the past 10 weeks has been an impactful experience in informing considerations for my future career in public health. Santa Clara County is actively working towards implementing equitable and inclusive approaches to programming and initiatives, and these efforts are incredibly important in reducing health disparities among the LGBTQ+ community in Santa Clara County.


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