Christian Martinez Headshot

Christian Martinez

Placement: Santa Clara County Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency - Vector Control District

Educational Institution: University of California, Irvine

At the Vector Control District, as an informatics student, I assisted in organizing mosquito data. In order to determine whether there is a significant difference in mosquito count, I compared data using Excel and R Studio. Completing this project and gaining experience in data organization, statistical analysis, and using R Studio are valuable for my career development. Learning a new programming language like R Studio expands my skill set and enhances my ability to work with data in various contexts.

Additionally, I spent a lot of time setting up mosquito traps around the County and bringing them back to the lab. To catch ticks, we went on hiking trails since that is where they were most common. Overall, I liked the combination of indoor office work and outdoor activities. I will miss having the option to decide what I would do for the day.

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