Charlotte Reid

Charlotte Reid

Placement: County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services Department - Workforce Development Division

Educational Institution: Santa Clara University

Over the course of my fellowship, my work centered around three main projects. The first of these was supporting my team with the weekly rounds of hiring. During each hiring process, I would help compile a candidate information spreadsheet to connect hiring managers with job applicants. I also worked to identify discrepancies in candidate job applications and survey results to ensure that our information was as accurate as possible. During this process, my team and I identified multiple areas of improvement to make the job applications more useful during the hiring process.

The second project I worked on centered around improving the onboarding process for employees in the department. This project involved doing research on a variety of models for onboarding, presenting my research to my team, and asset mapping to better understand our current onboarding resources. The third project I worked on originated from my participation in an employee engagement committee. My workgroup focused on ways we could make employees feel more connected to our mission and vision statements. I created a proposal for badge placards and other physical products that would help support that goal.

In my last week, I led a portion of the employee engagement committee meeting. I am particularly proud of that because I was leading people who were not part of my immediate team. I am very proud of myself for overcoming my fears around public speaking and giving presentations to my team. Over the course of my fellowship, I became increasingly comfortable presenting my work and ideas.


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