Ani Sargsyan Headshot

Ani Sargsyan

Placement: County of Santa Clara Procurement Department

Educational Institution: De Anza College

Over the past ten weeks, I've had the privilege of collaborating with the Procurement Department to enhance language accessibility in upcoming solicitations. My primary project involved thorough research to identify strategies for integrating language accessibility into the solicitation processes. Throughout this experience, I've gained a deeper understanding of the Procurement Department's functions, significance of language accessibility, and the importance of document translation. One noteworthy achievement during my fellowship was establishing a connection with the Language Access Unit (LAU) to spearhead the creation of a pilot Spanish-translated Invitation and Scope of Work for an upcoming solicitation. This translated content is slated for publication soon. The most rewarding aspects of my time here have been the relationships I've formed with my colleagues and peers, my expanded knowledge of the Procurement Department's operations, and my exposure to various other County departments. I've also had the opportunity to visit different County sites, which has deepened my understanding of the roles and responsibilities of these departments.

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